Some Important Changes and Precautions to Take

In affect for the next two weeks until August 9th...


Masks: While technically exempt from the mask mandate of Montgomery County, we as a church have decided to Recommend that masks be worn during the service to help prevent any spread of sickness. Any staff of the church will be wearing masks when in close proximity of people as well. While we know that there is a lot of varying opinions and information circulating about masks, we have decided to take this step for the next two weeks. 


Social DistancingWhile we love being unified and loving towards one another (and our church is great at that!), we want to encourage everybody to social distance while at church and avoid handshaking and giving hugs to each other while at church. Fellowshipping is a vital part of church, but we do encourage that it all occurs outside where there is plenty of fresh air and open spaces to keep each other safe and healthy! 


Change to Services: We are committed to staying open as we consider the church an essential "business." If Walmart can stay open and take precautions, then surely we can as well even if Covid cases rise around us. So we will be staying openbut we will be CANCELLING these following services and ministries for the next two weeks:

1) Sunday School will be cancelled: We will have AM Service at 11am and PM service at 6pm.

2) All Children's ministries and nurseries will be closed during services: All services will be family services where parents and children will need to stay together. Nursery will only be available for mothers to nurse and change babies as needed. The fellowship hall will be open as well for families with small kids to watch the service on the screen if they feel their child will be unable to sit in the sanctuary without creating a distraction. 

3) MasterClub and Teen Group will be cancelled for next 2 weeks: Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7pm will be family-styled service just like Sunday.