Step 1 - May 17 - June 3
Sunday  11:00 AM- Worship as a family
Sunday  6:00 PM- Praise service as a family
Wednesday 7:00- Prayer Mtg as a family

Following Services canceled:
All Sunday Schools, Saturday outreach, Choir, and all Fellowship Group Activities.
No children’s services, and our toddler nursery is closed. Nursing mothers may use infant side.
Rows in auditorium are Distanced to 6 ft.
Sit as a family - Stay as a family - Leave 2 Chairs between your group and others
Families with fussy children can feel free to sit in the overflow service in the Fellowship Hall.
Parents take children to the bathroom if needed.

Step 2 -  June 7, 2020
Upon Return to Normal seating:
- Sunday Schools can resume.
- Children’s church services can resume.
- Sun. PM Kids' Music and Wed. Master Clubs will resume with moderate staffing.

Personal Hygiene practices will be continued to be encouraged!
All activities (VBS, Teen Camp, Group Activities, Trips) will be evaluated according to the virus spread at the time.


Church’s Responsibility
1.  Provide as safe an environment as possible.
- We provide a completely touch-free worship service.
Parking - Please no congregating in the parking area (closer than 6ft).
Entering - No congregating in the lobby or any rooms.
Seating - Sit with family, dismiss by row.
Giving - Offering boxes are in the back of the Sanctuary and Foyer.
Singing - Words on Screen.
- We will sanitize all handles, knobs, and surfaces before each service (fountain closed).
- We will provide sanitizer stations in Santuary, Foyer Hallway, Fellowship Hall.
- If anyone should feel sick at church, we will provide a mask and a temperature scan.

2.  We will Change how we hold services and interact. 

3.  We encourage any of our church family that are high-risk individuals to stay home for now and continue to join us via livestream.
Personal Responsibility

1. Remember how a virus spreads - It has to get into your nose, eyes, throat.
- Don’t touch your face.
- Wash hands thoroughly.
- Bring Sanitizer for your family from home.
- Cover every cough or sneeze - in the direction opposite anyone else.
- Wear a mask if you would like to avoid breathing aerosolized droplets.

2. Respect others decisions
- Don’t get close.  (It's ok to not shake hands or hug).
- Others may wear a mask.
- Some may stay home or keep kids home.
- Some may decline invitations.

3. Remain home unless (CDC guidelines):
- Have not had a fever in the last 72 hours without Tylenol.
- It has been 7 days since symptoms first appeared and are improved.

*Also, Do not attend or bring anyone with a fever, cough, shortness of breath.
*Do not attend if you have been around anyone who is awaiting results of a test or tested positive in the last two weeks!